Lucia Pilar

Money Coach

I am a Mexican American first-gen from South Los Angeles. Once I graduated from college and started teaching I realized the lack of financial literacy in my community.

I started talking about money with friends and other first-gen professionals and realized we were all in the same boat. I committed to become financially literate and help others!

I help first-gen, BIPOC, and women gain control of their finances and build generational wealth


  • Are you constantly worrying about money?
  • Do you have debt that you want to pay off ASAP?
  • Do you want to have 3-6 months of living expenses in savings?
  • Do you want to start investing?
  • Do you want to start building generational wealth?
  • Then this program is for you!
  • I can help you achieve your financial goals!


I am passionate about teaching others how to gain control of their finances and start building wealth in the simplest ways!


I envision a whole community of us building wealth. Just like compound interest, the impact that we can collectively make when we have money blows my mind!


I believe everyone should have access to financial literacy. This is extremely important in underrepresented communities.